Easy Portfolio is a project with the goal of making personal finance more accessible and beneficial for a broad audience. We do this by providing an easy to use portfolio management app as well as a website which covers a lot of concepts that are essential for any investor.


The project has been launched in 2019 by two friends: Igor B and Eugene A.

We wanted to create something that reflects our interests and experience in IT, finance, investing, and writing. We started with a blog about finance and economics, and now we're working on a mobile application that helps people to track their financial portfolios.

One of the distinctive features of our products is that we build our systems in the ways which prioritize privacy and security of our users. That's why you won't find any ads or tracking scripts on our website or apps. We strongly believe that any software that respects its users should never spy on them in order to sell or transfer their data to any third party. Unfortunately, most of the modern software products violate user privacy and that's a big issue that needs to be addressed and we hope that we can improve this situation by offering truly surveillance-free software.

We are open to various kinds of cooperation (guest posting etc.), so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions.